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Back to sculpting! New project coming soon! #maquette #sculpting #monsterclay #kenstools #

Hi, I'm Liz. Welcome to my website! At a young age my father cultivated a love of storytelling in me and it has molded my entire career. I grew up hungering to create new worlds, characters, and stories. I began in the theatre doing sets, lighting, stage management, costuming and makeup. My love of makeup effects grew as I started doing local film festivals. I was blessed with the opportunity to study Special Effects makeup in Nashville, TN at the Academy of Makeup Arts. I learned under master FX artist Ben Rittenhouse studying sculpting, molding, and prosthetic fabrication. I honed my craft after graduation by working on local and national film and television sets (Homicide Hunter with LT. Joe Kenda, Mark of a Killer) I continued to use my skills by working on wax figures and building sets and props as the curator of the famous Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I continue my path working on film projects and being an ambassador for Imaginations Costumers. I'm always looking for new projects. Follow all of my adventures here!

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